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It’s your last chance to purchase a copy of Modern Herbal Medicine until the middle of next year. We're working on the second edition of Modern Herbal Medicine, which will be published by North Atlantic Books. We have to close out the first edition as we can no longer sell it after the end of this month.

Purchase a single copy for just $15, plus shipping, a savings of over 50% off the $32.95 cover price. If you own a health food store or herb school, you can purchase a full case of 11 for just $132, plus shipping, which is just $12 per book. This book makes an excellent textbook for any herb school and a great reference for any health food store.

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Featured Articles

Iodine Robbers

Iodine is an important nutrient for the thyroid, but is also needed by every cell in the body.  Breast, prostate and uterine tissue particularly need iodine for healthy function and deficiencies of this nutrient may be one of the underlying causes of cancer in these organs.  Unfortunately a number of chemicals displace iodine in the body and this, coupled with shortages in the diet, is causing widespread iodine deficiencies.

Marrow in the Bones

In the religious tradition I grew up with, the phrase “health to the navel, marrow to the bones” was a symbolic representation of what it means to be blessed with good physical health. I have pondered this phrase and think that it contains deep symbolism about what is necessary for us to have good physical health.  Health in the navel refers to a healthy digestive tract, which many natural healers understand is vital to good health.  But, why marrow in the bones?  This article explores why healthy bones (and bone marrow) are vital to overall good health.

Probable Cause: Fibromyalgia and DSS

Probable Cause:
"Arresting" the Underlying Causes
of Fibromyalgia and DSS

I’ve chosen to address the probable causes of (and natural remedies for) a cluster of serious modern health problems researcher Muhammad Yunus, M.D., of the University of Illinois College of Medicine, calls Dysregulation Spectrum Syndrome (DSS), which include fibromyalgia and other related conditions.

Current Featured Webinars

Vaccines and the Immune System

This is a free webinar where I discuss the controversial issue of mandatory vaccination and why I believe vaccination should be voluntary. More importantly, I discuss how the immune system works and offer practical suggestions on how to enhance your immune function and reduce the risks of side effects if you do chose to get vaccinated (or are forced to receive vaccinations).

Introducing Block Therapy and Fluid Isometrics

This is a free webinar about Deana Hansen's techniques for resculpting your body, reducing pain and improving your health. If you have weight problems, suffer from pain in the back, neck or other body parts and would like to look and feel younger, this webinar has some important information that can help you to achieve these goals.

Featured Courses and Programs

Natural Approaches to Thyroid Disorders

About 90% of all low thyroid problems are actually an autoimmune disorder called Hashimotos. The problem with both conventional and alternative treatment of Hashimoto’s disease it that they don’t address the underlying cause of the problem, which is the immune system attacking the thyroid gland! People with Hashimoto’s disease don’t have a problem with their thyroid, they have a problem with their immune system! In this webinar we show you how to work on the real causes of most common thyroid problems using natural remedies.

Modern Herbal Medicine

Trying to figure out what herbal formulas or nutritional supplements you need at the health food store or online can be a difficult task, but we’ve just made it an easier one. After five years of research and development we’re publishing a 454 page reference to help you figure out just what you need. This book links 471 health conditions to over 1200 commercially-available herb formulas and 33 basic health therapies. It also describes 239 single herbs and 60 popular nutritional supplements.

Effective Healing Strategies for Chronic Illness

You can practice "cookbook" alternative healing, which is to simply mimic the medical approach, substituting natural remedies for drugs to try to treat the disease, or you can use a genuinely holistic approach, which means looking beyond the disease to understand why the person is sick. When you do this the strategy for healing is based on the person, not the disease. This class will help you learn how to do this.

Running a Consulting Business

This free class will be required for all our certification programs. It will be available as an online, self-study program. It covers legal and ethical considerations in the natural healing industry, basic consulting skills and basic business-building skills.