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Oh My Aching Head!

Ninety percent of Americans experience headaches at various times in their lives.  Headaches are responsible for about 157 million lost workdays and are one of the top ten reasons why people visit medical doctors.  Yet most people don’t think about what may be causing their headaches; they just pop a pill to temporarily relieve the pain.  The question remains, however, “What is causing my headache?” and if you’re one of the 45 million Americans who suffer from chronic headaches the answers to that question can change your life.

Breaking Free: Natural Tools for Overcoming Addictions

Addiction isn’t limited to the use of alcohol or illegal drugs. In fact, many forms of addiction are socially acceptable.  The definition of addiction has been expanded to include psychological dependency on things such as pornography, sex, comfort foods, gambling, Internet surfing, gaming, social media, watching TV, shopping, work, exercise, etc. Simply put, when we can’t stop a behavior that is damaging to ourselves and others, it is addictive.  Fortunately, there are many things a person can do to overcome an addiction.

The Disease Tree: A Holistic Model of Disease

The Disease Tree™ is one thing that sets the School of Modern Herbal Medicine apart from other training programs. This comprehensive framework helps a person understand where disease comes from and how to approach it from a holistic perspective rather than a symptom-treatment perspective. It also gives structure to everything a person learns about disease, health, the body, remedies, and assessment techniques.

Featured Courses and Programs

Applied Herbal Medicine (2015 online)

This is a course in the practical application of herbal medicine. In it, you'll learn all the fundamentals of how to prepare herbs and admininster them. This course discusses all of the major dosage forms that can be used to administer herbal remedies and the strengths and weakness of each. It provides information on how to prepare herbs for internal and topical administration, including numerous ways to use herbs topically and internally.

Balancing Hormones and Neurotransmitters (2015 online)

There is a physical side to mental and emotional problems. Just as mental and emotional issues affect our physical health, physical issues affect our mental and emotional health. Good health habits, such as exercise and adequate rest, and good nutrition are essential to a balanced mood and positive mental outlook. This course explains how neurotransmitters and hormones work and how to balance these chemical messengers using natural means, including herbs, dietary and lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements. These approaches can be every bit as effective as the drug approach used in modern medicine without the side effects.

Stop Treating Disease, Start Building Health

This book was written to help people understand that there is a big difference between treating disease and building health. In fact, the premise of the book is that you can't get healthy by treating diseases and symptoms.

Herbal Medicine Workshop (2015 onsite)

This is a one-day workshop where students can get hands on experience in making herbal preparations. We'll make many of the preparations discussed in an Applied Herbal Medicine, including an infusion, decoction, glycerite, tincture, syrup and salve. Students will get samples of everything we make in the class.

Running a Consulting Business (online)

This free class will be required for all our certification programs. It will be available as an online, self-study program. It covers legal and ethical considerations in the natural healing industry, basic consulting skills and basic business-building skills.