Start Developing Effective Strategies for Chronic Illness with Steven Horne

with Steven Horne

Learn how to work with a person to identify the root causes of their health problems and develop effective natural healing strategies for them with Steven Horne in this three-part webinar

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Emotional Healing: The Missing Link in Holistic Healing

Diet, nutrition, exercise, rest and other physically-oriented therapies account for roughly half of the healing equation. The other half centers on unresolved mental and emotional stress. Much of Steven's effectiveness in working with people one-on-one is due to his 20 years years of experience in approaching healing on this level.

In this free webinar, Steven discusses why emotions are the "blind spot" in our culture and our holistic healing paradigm. In our culture, thinking is overrated and feeling is underrated, but what's in our hearts has more to do with our well-being than what's in our heads.

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